Magic in the clouds - A Tony tale
Childrenbook about courage and everything magic.

Illustration/ Story: Stefania Santoro
As an illustrator, one often wants to see one's own stories both illustrated and written. With this project, I wanted to provide a sneak peek into a story that has been buzzing around in my head for quite some time.
spread illustrated by Stefania Santoro, Story by Stefania Santoro
"Sometimes a spell may stray, But somehow it errs in the finest way."
cover illustrated by Stefania Santoro, Story by Stefania Santoro
the process
The illustration began with the colour palette. What colours should my magical world have? I was inspired by an image of a sunset. After that, I gradually incorporated more elements from the story into the sketch of my bookcover. 
the Main character - tony
I wanted to design Tony's character as gender-neutral as possible. Tony could also be a nickname for Antonia or Antonio. This way, every child can see themselves in the story. Tony is a child who has strong opinions from an early age but never dares to voice them until they receive their candy cane magic wand from Grandma at Christmas. And then, the most marvelous things happen.
her bag getting a little too full with the items for her adventure ...
The Sidekick
Her best friend is a dinosaur named Dino. She confides everything in him, and as soon as her magic works, Dino can finally answer her! Will she manage it?
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